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For those of you who don't know Interactive Fiction

Interactive fiction is a video game genre, which started during the 70s but is still very alive nowadays. They are "text adventures", and playing them looks like this :

You are standing in front of a big wooden door. It is locked. At your feet, among the gravel, you can see a key.


You pick up the key.


The door creaks and opens; inside the house, it is pitch dark.

Those games appeared on the ancestors of our modern computers, and were pretty successuful in the 80s; nowadays, a small community of amateurs still play them and create original games. To play them, follow these easy steps: first you must download an Interactive Fiction Reader (called an "interpreter"), then you simply open a game file in your interpreter. There are many different interpreters: Gargoyle is the most versatile (and it runs on Windows and Linux), but you can also get WinFrotz, Zoom for MacOS and Linux, and many, many more! You can even play those games online, with an interpreter like Parchment.

The online IF community is structured around several websites: IFDB, a catalogue of IF games with ratings and reviews, IF Wiki, a wiki about all things IF-related, and, the forum where the English-speaking community gathers. For those of you who speak French, here is, the French-speaking IF community; we're a small but dedicated community, with around 60 games under our belt (find them here); and why not join us on our forum.

Here's a short list of some classic games by other authors that I recommend you check out:

My games

Most games here are in French, but I'm planning to write most of my next games both in French and English.

In French

In English

Other IF-related stuff



Solutions and Walkthroughs

Click here to access the folder containing solutions and walkthroughs for interactive fictions in French.

Source code for my games

All my games are licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 FR licence (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs). The sources of my games are licensed under the same condition; they are released here for education purposes, for all those who want to learn Inform 6 and want to have a look at a few examples of games.

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